Shrink Wrapping Heat Gun Comparison – Ripack v Raptor v Shrinkit

The question of which heat gun is best for industrial and scaffold shrink wrapping is the subject of much debate between professional shrink wrappers. Everybody has a favourite tool and is convinced that it is the superior choice. So, to try and help those who might be new to shrink wrapping, and who might be wondering how much difference does the power of a shrink wrapping gun make to the installation rate of shrink wrap sheeting, we decided to make an (unscientific!) shrink wrapping heat gun comparison.

The test involved taking  three of the most popular guns on the market and comparing them side by side by welding and shrinking a 1.5m square of our 300 micron thick shrink wrap film. The results were: 1 – Raptor (90kW) 52 seconds, Ripack (40-72kW) 1 minute 12 seconds, Shrinkit (32kW) 1 minute 27 seconds.

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