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Safe Route Pedestrian Protection System

Rhino Shrink Wrap are appointed distributors and authorised installers of the Safe Route Pedestrian Protection System. The Safe Route system is designed to provide a protected passage (a safe route) for pedestrians through ‘zones of activity’, typically in areas where construction work is taking place.

We first experienced the Safe Route System after providing temporary weather protection to Safe Route walkways, including installations at Alder Hey hospital, Liverpool and One Blackfriars, London. We were impressed with the appearance, versatility and sustainability of the system which created zero waste unlike traditional solutions such as scaffolded covered walkways and timber hoardings.

Over time, the Rhino installation teams have become skilled in the erection of Safe Route walkways, hoardings and rooms. We are supported by Safe Route’s in depth technical knowledge and experience acquired over 9 years and from clients including Network Rail, London Underground, The NHS and Sainsbury’s.

tunnel from inside

What is Safe Route?

Safe Route is a modular system which is designed to allow construction programmes meet and exceed their Health and Safety responsibilities. It protects operatives and the public from falling material and other common construction hazards, segregates work areas from the public, and provides a safe route through hazardous environments.

It consists of a cold rolled, polyester powder coated, mild steel frame, which is modular in design and can be configured to suit the project. All structural components are designed to BS 5950 and loading criteria in accordance with BS 6399

Within the frame are inserted interchangeable & ‘brandable’ panels. The panels may be composite aluminium or fire rated (BS 476 Part 22) composite  fibre reinforced cement boards (60, 120 or 240 minutes).  In addition, fire rated structures are sealed with a specialist mastic to improve integrity and prevent smoke ingress.

Tunnels, Hoardings & Enclosures

There are three main configurations of the Safe Route system;

System T – Fire rateable tunnels that allow pedestrians to pass safely through construction environments.

System H – Fire rateable hoardings / barriers that segregate safe and hazardous areas in construction environments.

System R – Fire rateable enclosures / rooms that enable larger temporary spaces to be created.

shrink wrap tunnel
temporary pedestrian walkway

Buy or Rent?

The Safe Route system can be purchased outright or rented.

The benefits of buying:

  • One-off fee removes residual hire cost
  • Freedom to reuse throughout the programme until it is completed
  • Maintenance and service packages offered
  • Buy back or recycle the product once the project is delivered
  • No waste

The benefits of renting:

  • Rapid supply of product
  • Suitable for long or short rental periods
  • Reduces capital expenditure
  • Safe Route collect product once its application is complete
  • No waste

Meeting Your Health & Safety Requirements

‘On almost all sites there is a risk of injury from falling materials. Covered walkways may also be needed where the risk is particularly high’. (HSG150, Health and Safety in Construction, Paragraph 531 & 555)

Safe Route tunnels provide complete protection against this eventuality for workers and the public.

‘The most frequent causes of accidental death and injury [include] falling material and collapses: People are struck by material falling from loads being lifted and material that rolls or is kicked off work platforms.(HSG150, Health and Safety in Construction, Paragraph 10)

This is where Safe Route provides its greatest function. It is a shield against falling objects.

‘All guard rails should meet the minimum legal standard contained in the Work at Height Regulations 2005, ie they should include  a main guard rail at least 950 mm above any edge from which people are liable to fall, [and] an intermediate guard rail, barrier or suitable alternative, positioned so that the unprotected gap is no greater than 470 mm.’ (HSG33, Paragraph 127)

Safe Route tunnels can be boarded out and fitted with supplied guard rails which conform to these HSG33 guidelines.

‘Falls from height account for around half of all fatal accidents’ on the construction site. (HSE Construction Intelligence Report 168, Analysis of Construction Injury and Ill Health Intelligence, 2010)

When used as a working platform, Safe Route tunnels are fitted with safety guiderails, reducing the risk of falls.

‘13.3% of injuries are caused when workers are hit with flying or falling objects, structural collapse, or contact with machinery and vehicles’. (HSE Construction Intelligence Report 168, Analysis of Construction Injury and Ill Health Intelligence, 2010)

Safe Route products protect construction operation from all of these hazards, reducing their risk of suffering injury.
‘Before work starts, make sure that areas of the site where people may be struck by falling materials have been barriered off’. (HSG150, Health and Safety in Construction, Paragraph 172) Safe Route tunnels and hoardings are barriers to falling or otherwise projected materials.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Safe Route system be fire rated?

Yes, Safe Route is fire rateable (BS 476 Part 22) to 60, 120 or 240 minutes

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