Printing on Scaffold Shrink Wrap – What Are My Options?

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Printing on Scaffold Shrink Wrap – What Are My Options?

We are all familiar with seeing traditional scaffold sheeting, such as ‘Monarflex’, custom printed to display a contractor’s logo as the sheeting is wrapped around a scaffolding, lift by lift. In recent years, often in high profile urban locations, printed building wraps have also become quite familiar – tensioned micro mesh banners which display a high quality advertisement or reproduction of a building facade.

Naturally, a frequent question we get asked at Rhino is; Can you print a custom logo on to scaffold shrink wrap sheeting? The answer is…..it depends.

Whilst it is certainly possible to print on shrink wrap film, the very wide and heavy duty films that we use for scaffold wrapping and industrial packaging can be quite challenging to custom print. Furthermore, scaffold shrink wrap is not installed in exactly the same orientation and position on the scaffold and since it is heat shrunk drum tight, the shrink process can have potential to create some distortion in the imagery. Despite this, at Rhino we can offer a printed shrink wrap option and this article outlines some of the options available.

There are two main ways that we print scaffold shrink wrap sheeting – ‘In line’ and ‘Out of line’.

In Line Printing For Scaffold Shrink Wrap

In-line printing is where the shrink wrap material is printed at the point of manufacture. This is generally the most cost effective option and works well for simple logos, up to 3 colours, and for shrink wrap films wider than 6 metres. However, because the film is being printed as it is manufactured, there will be a minimum volume – which is typically at least 1 ton of film.

The other limitation for in line printing is that as the width of the film increases, the number of colours it is possible to print decreases. For a film greater than 8m wide, it is only possible to print in 1 colour.

To overcome these limitations we offer an out of line printing option. This is where the shrink wrap film is first manufactured, then printed on a more specialist printer at a later time. This gives the most flexibility as to the number of colours and complexity of design and is most useful for lower volume ‘custom’ requirements.

Out of Line Printing For Scaffold Shrink Wrap

The first challenge faced when considering out of line printing on standard stocked scaffold shrink wrap film is finding a printer large enough! Consider that the smallest roll size we normally use for scaffold shrink wrapping is 7 metres wide x 15m long.

Although large format printers do exist, large format in this case means a capability of 3,4,5 or perhaps 6 metres wide. However, even the largest 6m wide digital printer is not big enough for standard scaffold shrink wrap. To solve this, at Rhino we offer a 3m wide flame retardant scaffold shrink wrap film which we can print with logos and designs to your custom requirements. This scaffold wrap can then either be installed ‘standalone’ or incorporated as part of a much larger scaffold shrink wrap project.

If you are interested in custom printing on to shrink wrap film for your next project, call our friendly team for a chat on 01477 532222. We look forward to hearing from you.

Aubrey Kingsbury
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