What Is Printed Netting?

Printed Debris Netting on Heras Fencing Custom Logo Branded

What Is Printed Netting?

John Homer, our printed debris netting specialist writes:

Printed debris netting is a fabric that has been specifically designed to be printed onto. It is a little heavier than standard debris netting and has a thicker filament to accept the print. It’s only available in white, but any background colour can be printed onto it. It comes in a variety of lengths and widths and is available as both Flame Retardant and standard material.

Printing onto netting does rely heavily on the skill and experience of the printer along with needing the correct specialised equipment.

Who uses printed netting?

Initially the people buying printed debris netting were scaffolders who wanted to use the space to advertise their businesses, however, once it been seen on scaffold other types of businesses became interested.

We have supplied printed debris netting to a variety of clients including; building contractors using the netting for Heras Fencing covers, sports clubs for fencing and practice nets, events management and even as art installations.

With kind permission of Rachel Adams, Ruth Clark & Hospitalfield, Arbroath

We have clients who run a youth football team who use the netting around the pitch which is printed with the team name, logo and approved Football Association logos.

How to get printed netting.

The first step is to send us your artwork, either as a high-resolution pdf or a vector graphic file. These can usually be obtained from whoever designed your logos, set up your web site or from your marketing department. Whilst we are not in the business of creating artwork from scratch, we can often produce the required images from other sources. Let us know what dimensions of wrap you require.

Some organisations have rules regarding the layout of their images and logos. We will do our best to abide by these requirements.

Then, we create mock-ups and proofs of the design for your approval. We are happy to make changes and adjustments until you are happy with the design.

On approval of the proofs and payment, the design is forwarded to the printer. The printed netting is usually delivered within ten days.

With kind permission from our client
Are there any restrictions on what can be printed?

We will not print any derogatory images. We can only print designs that are the property of the client, although we can print logos of trade associations or third parties if their express permission has been obtained.

Physically we cannot print on the first 2 meters and the last 2 meters of the netting. We can print a background of any colour. Fine lines, high details or photographs are not recommended as images because the detail can be lost due to the spaces in the netting.

If high quality images are not available, we will try to recreate the required image as best as possible by design, cleaning images and matching fonts, etc. The final decision on the acceptance of the images via the proof is the responsibility of our client, but we endeavour offer advice and help.

If you have any queries, or want to know more about printed debris netting, please do not hesitate to get in touch here or if you would like to purchase some printed debris netting, click here.

John Homer
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