Why Consider Black Shrink Wrap?

Why Consider Black Shrink Wrap?

What is typically used for shrink wrapping scaffolding:

Traditionally, most customers have requested white scaffold shrink wrap, it is cost effective, widely available and allows plenty of light through the wrap, so why is black shrink wrap becoming more popular?

Like printed wrap, the popularity of unusual or unique products is growing considerably due to a crowded market in the construction industry. Black shrink wrap represents an opportunity to ‘differentiate’ and get one step ahead of the competition.

Black Shrink Wrap Slip Form Case Study Night Time
Things to consider:

Whilst black shrink wrap could be a viable solution for your project, there are some things to consider before buying. The product isn’t as widely available as its white counterpart, although white wrap is available in almost any size desirable, options are limited when buying a specialist product like black shrink wrap. Rhino can provide a full installation service for black wrap but in terms of supplying ‘materials only’, currently we only offer a 7m x 15m roll size in 300 micron thickness. (Flame Retardant) *Not available on online store.

Additionally, most shrink wrap accessories available on the market so far are all white! So if the project requires a zipper access door for example, you might get stuck looking for alternatives that might not be on the market just yet. 

Drury Lane Theatre Renovation Black Shrink Wrap Image
Are other colours possible?

Yes, theoretically. However, the downside with a custom colour shrink wrap is that there is a minimum order quantity of 5 tons.

What if I purchased a Printed Wrap with a solid colour?

Well, it is possible although digitally printing a shrink wrap roll will give quite different results to extruding a custom coloured shrink wrap film. For starters, although edge to edge printing is possible, it is very difficult to get a completely consistent block of colour. Whilst the extrusion option can require a significant minimum order quantity, it is possible to be consistently Pantone accurate across the entire roll.

Printed wrap is a seperate specialist product, meaning it is not possible print on any roll and is limited to just 3m wide. However, using a colour additive in the extruding process instead of printing, you can have a wrap of your choice.

Below are two case studies of completed installations using black shrink wrap to showcase the finished result.

If you have any questions or comments regarding using black shrink wrap for scaffolding or modular building protection, we are always happy to help so please feel free to get in touch. If you found this information useful, and if you think others might too, please share.

Lewis Meredith
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