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Guide to arranging a meeting / demo:

Our Approach

Hello, thanks for visiting the Rhino Shrink Wrap web site.

Because many scaffolders and contractors go into the act of purchasing shrink wrap installation services relatively blind, we at Rhino Shrink Wrap have set up our website to literally be the most educational scaffold shrink wrap sheeting site on the web.

Rather than rush out and “pitch” you on our company and products (the typical hi-pressure approach), we prefer to share everything we know with you, and allow you to learn all you want in your own time.

In other words, we make it clear who we are (and what we are not!) and you decide for yourself if you think our company and products are a good fit.

However, sometimes nothing beats meeting a potential supplier face to face and seeing and touching a product for yourself. When you are ready, we are happy to come to your site for a discussion and even provide a demonstration of the shrink wrap encapsulation process if you would like.

The process

Here’s how it normally works:

Meetings and product demonstrations are generally carried out by Rhino’s Installation Manager Kris Martin or our Installations Director Steve Irlam. Both Kris and Steve have worked ‘on the tools’ for many years so they understand the challenges faced by construction contractors and scaffolders who are ‘working at the sharp end’.

If you can give as much information as possible then this will help us demonstrate the relevant benefits of shrink wrap sheeting. Here are some of the questions that Kris and Steve will ask;

  • What is the purpose of the proposed shrink wrap? – Is it for weather protection, environmental containment
  • Who will be present at the meeting / demonstration?
  • Where is the meeting / demonstration to take place? When would you like to do it?
  • If you would like a demonstration of shrink wrapping, do you have a suitable area of scaffolding or other structure which can be wrapped Is the demonstration to take place indoors or outdoors? What provisions are available in the event of poor weather?

Ready? Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch right away!


Steve Irlam, MD, Rhino Shrink Wrap

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