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Our Approach

Hello, thank you for visiting. I’d like to share with you our unique approach to giving quotes for shrink wrap installation services.

Rather than rush out and “pitch” you on our company and products (the typical hi-pressure approach), we’d rather share everything we know with you, and allow you to learn all you want about using shrink wrap for temporary weather protection and environmental encapsulation in your own time. This empowers you to make sound decisions based on information, not sales tactics.

In other words, we make it clear who we are and you decide for yourself if you think our company and products are a good ‘fit’.


For the pricing of large, unusual or complex jobs we are very happy to meet you on site to discuss your project. However, for many projects we are able to provide a quotation without visiting the work site.

Here are 2 reasons we can do this:

  1. Although every job is unique, the cost of our scaffold shrink wrap materials remain constant. This allows us to give you pricing as soon as you tell us the size of the project and what services will be required.
  2. Finally, after working on thousands of construction sites over the years, we’ve learned what questions to ask to enable us to provide you with accurate pricing based on about a 5 minute conversation.

The process

Here’s how it normally works:

Your enquiry will be looked after by Rhino’s Installations Director Steve Irlam or John Homer, our Business Development Executive.

If you can give as much information as possible, this will help us prepare an accurate quotation. Here are some of the questions that we’ll ask;

  • What is the purpose of the proposed shrink wrap? – Is it for weather protection, environmental containment
  • What are the dimensions? Do you have any drawings, sketches or photographs?
  • Where is the job to take place?
  • How is the scaffolding to be accessed?
  • Is the work to take place indoors or outdoors?
  • Is it day work or will working at night be required?
  • When is the work likely to start?

When you are ready to proceed, sign your quotation at the bottom and either Steve or John will then confirm your weather dependent start date, whilst providing suitable RAMS for each installations member to read and sign. 


If you’re relatively new to our site, we strongly urge you to check out our how to guides section before requesting a quote. This could provide you with the answers you need before getting in touch.

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