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Who is using shrink wrap scaffold sheeting?

Rhino Shrink Wrap specialise in scaffold shrink wrapping materials and equipment which we supply to scaffolders and contractors throughout the construction industry. We also provide shrink wrap installation services.

Our customers work with us because they need a product that is specifically engineered & approved for construction applications and they value the support we provide via our resources and shrink wrap training.



We work with scaffolders from companies of all sizes. Sometimes a scaffolding company will have been asked by their client for shrink wrap sheeting as it has been specified by the scaffolding designer. On other occasions, a scaffolder, will have proposed shrink wrap scaffolding sheeting to their client.

Scaffolders operate in a competitive marketplace. They know that their customers can easily find another supplier so it is important that they provide a product that performs first time in all conditions.

Where a scaffolding company has been trained by Rhino to install scaffold shrink wrap themselves, using shrink wrap sheeting allows a scaffolding contractor to differentiate itself from competitors in what can be a very crowded and competitive market place.

providing a scaffold shrink wrapping service represents an extra ‘string to your bow’ and can be a valuable additional service.

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We work with many of the largest contractors in the UK. In the majority of cases we tend to provide a ‘fully installed’ service although we are very happy to supply materials, equipment and training if required.

Main contractors need verification that a product is going to do what we say, so we provide wind loading information and detailed datasheets / specifications. Working on large contracts, with tight profit margins, means that contractors need to get it right first time, and do not need distractions caused by failed sheeting.

With a strong emphasis on health & safety, construction contractors appreciate the accreditation and certification that Rhino products carry.

What all our customers have in common is:

  • Busy workloads so they need to quickly identify which product they need and be certain it is going to work.
  • They care about the quality of the projects they are involved in.
  • Their companies work in competitive markets where their customers have many options.
  • Margins can be tight so cost control is important but they realise that the lowest price does not always mean the lowest cost.

In short, our customers are construction professionals, who trust us to deliver on their promises.

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