How many rolls of scaffold shrink wrap do i need

Scaffold Wrap Cost Calculator – Fully Installed

Fully installed, sometimes known as ‘supply & fix’ describes the shrink wrap services that Rhino provide.


7m wide by 15m long roll of shrink film for scaffold wrapping

Scaffold Wrap Cost Calculator – Materials & Equipment

Rhino Shrink Wrap also provide scaffold shrink wrapping materials & equipment directly to scaffolders and construction contractors.


Shrink wrap versus regular scaffold sheeting

How Do Scaffold Shrink Wrap Prices Comapare With Monarflex®?

We need to take more factors into account when calculating the true cost of each product than the basic material price of each product.

Both traditional style scaffold sheeting such as Monarflex® and shrink wrap sheeting have advantages and disadvantages, it depends on what you need them to achieve. –



How Much Does Scaffold Shrink Wrap Cost ‘Fully Fitted’?

If you are looking for a Rhino Shrink Wrap installation team to come to site and carry out scaffolding encapsulation & containment, then we normally give a ‘ball park’ price of around £6 per square metre (+VAT) fully fitted. This rate, which includes the supply of all materials and labour, is sometimes known as the square metre rate.



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