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Scaffold sheet detaching

How Can I Stop Scaffold Sheeting Flapping & Detaching?

Looking for a more robust alternative to conventional scaffold sheeting? This extensive review explores ways to reduce site downtime by using shrink wrap scaffold sheeting for weather protection and containment.


Containment Sheeting Covering Bridge Scaffolding

Which Containment Sheeting System Works Best?

For the complete encapsulation and containment of scaffolding there are two options The first option is to use the ‘traditional’ conventional cladding seen on many sites around the UK. The benefit of this type of sheeting is that is easily available, relatively low cost and every scaffolder knows how to install it. However, the disadvantages are


Scaffold Screening

I Need To Screen Scaffolding From Residents

The sheeting of scaffolds in ‘built up’ residential areas present a different set of problems for scaffolders and contractors than industrial scaffolding projects. The type of scaffold sheeting used can affect residents if it looks unsightly or flaps noisily in the wind.


how do I install a zipped access door

How Should I Choose a Scaffold Shrink Wrap Company ?

Which is the best scaffold shrink wrap company depends very much on the type of scaffolding project and where the work is to take place. Since Rhino Shrink Wrap is a company which prides itself on a transparent approach to business, and never wishing to shy away from talking about the competition, some of the well established shrink wrap companies in the UK are listed at the bottom of this page. First, here are a few questions you might ask to help get the right ‘fit’ for your next project.


How Do I Install a Self Adhesive Roll Up Access Door?

Where Can I Find Scaffold Shrink Wrap Suppliers?

Of course we will be delighted if you choose Rhino as your supplier when you need to buy rolls of shrink wrap sheeting. However, rather than just tell you that we are the best, and expect you to just ‘take our word’ for it, this article takes an unbiased review of the suppliers of scaffold shrink wrap in the UK, and suggests some criteria which might help you decide which one will be the best ‘fit’ for you.



Can You Provide a Scaffold Shrink Wrap Training Course?

At Rhino we have trained hundreds of scaffolders and contractors over the years how to apply shrink wrap sheeting to scaffolding.

However, we would not recommend training (or indeed scaffold shrink wrapping) for every scaffolder. This article explores in more detail some of the things you might want to consider which will maximise your chances of success.



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