Interior Protection

Interior Protection

Reroofing has its challenges, but dust and debris falling inside the building doesn’t have to be one of them. Installing a suspended cover solution helps to protect facilities from the variety of contaminates that result from reroofing activities.

With a higher strength to weight ratio than shrink wrap, interior protection sheeting is a great option when temporary works are required for the safety of the clients assets below, whilst making sure downtime is to a minimum. In recent years, more awareness of the harmful dusts and debris on construction projects means more action needs to be taken to protect your workers from harmful dirt, easily avoidable with the correct solution.

Interior Protection Sheeting Applied As A Suspended Ceiling

Applications for this include:


  • Suspended Ceiling

  • Construction Enclosures

  • Asbestos Abatements

  • Fumigation Covers

  • Temporary Walls

  • Remediation Covers

Suspended Ceiling Protecting Company Assets Below

Dangers of Construction Dust

Dust is by far the most common hazard on construction projects with Silica dust being the biggest risk over asbestos. Construction workers throughout their career are exposed to these harmful chemicals which can lead to other serious chronic respiratory illnesses.

We understand the importance of suppressing these harmful elements to ensure the safest working environment for your employees.

Here are some of the dangers involved with construction dust and ways to help suppress these with our interior protection sheeting;

Sick Employees

The most immediate danger associated with construction dust and airborne substances is sick employees.

Workers being exposed to contaminates like respirable crystalline silica over time can develop both acute and chronic respiratory illnesses e.g. Silicosis and lung cancer, forcing employees to leave the industry early due to ill health.

Luckily, professional grade suppression systems and building encapsulations can keep these airborne contaminate incidents to a minimum.


When an employee becomes ill due to improper protection, comes liability. If the incorrect procedures are not in place or do not meet health code standards to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

Government officials have created regulations that require certain safety measure to be in place for all commercial and residential construction projects, this include construction dust containment.

Nobody should lose their construction company or damage their reputation because the construction dust containment solution they applied was cheap and ineffective.

Rhino Shrink Wrap Vehicle Below Interior Protection Installation

Our installation team has now been professionally trained to carry out temporary works creating a suspended ceiling and has recently finished a project spanning 3500m2! This installation only took 5 days with no heat required!

If you would be interested in interior protection for your project, please contact us at: or speak to our friendly team at: +44 (0)1477 532 222 to discuss further requirements.

Interior Protection Sheeting FAQs

How long will it take to install the solution?

Each installation is custom and therefore dependent on many factors including the project size, installation difficulty, facility access and equipment required. A simple project can take a few days while a project with more complexities can take significantly longer.

For reference, we completed a project in February 2020 for 3500m2 and it took just 5 days!

What materials do you use?

Our containment material is an antistatic, antimicrobial, flame resistant and reinforced polyethylene.

How do you take down the containment sheeting safely?

Takedown is a critical aspect of every project. Our installers are well versed in the art of removing the containment. During takedown, they work in teams to detach and fold up the containment, similar to how you would fold a flag.

Can you work with our operating schedule?

Yes we can. We are very familiar with challenges of a variety of facilities and will work with your schedule to be onsite only when it is appropriate for us to be doing work.

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