Printed Debris Netting


For most of us, even competing with the ‘big boys’ of the construction industry, usually means adequate branding on your construction project. One thing we found over the years is that although Heras panel covers and custom banners are purchased regularly, trying to surround your whole site or even just a few Heras panels can have you needlessly wasting money on expensive advertisement.

Printed Debris Netting however, from £107/roll for 25m is a cost effective solution to surround your project with large scale branding. Available in multiple sizes and lengths with common applications including Heras fencing and scaffolding. We aren’t saying it’s perfect for everyone, but it’s certainly an ideal low cost alternative that could be suitable for your next project.


  • Widths – 1.75m – 2.0m – 2.6m – 3.1m
  • Lengths – 25m – 50m – 100m
  • No minimum order quantity
  • UV Stabilised
  • 50gsm HDPE
  • 70% wind permeability
  • Delivered from just 14 days!
  • Supplied with a minimum 1m gap between logos.


Please note: As this is a netting, similar contrasting colours or very fine details such as small text may not reproduce well on the netting, and due to the size, we do require a print ready logo.

If you do not have a print ready (vector graphic) logo available, we do offer a restricted design service for a negotiated fee however we always recommend asking a colleague or your web designer first for a copy.

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A basic graphic explaining the differences between vector graphics and raster images.


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