Printed Shrink Wrap

Using printed shrink wrap sheeting for scaffolding or modular buildings is an ideal way to advertise & promote your company. Rhino have in-house graphic design capability to help you get the look you want. All printed on our super heavy duty, flame retardant film.

Can I print on shrink wrap for scaffolding?

Scaffold shrink wrap can be digitally printed with your logo or graphic of your choosing. With a print width of up to 3 metres, printing on shrink wrap works particularly well for logos and straightforward designs. The printed shrink wrap can be incorporated as part of a larger standard scaffold shrink wrap job.

If you are looking for a complex design is spread across complete elevations of a building, then we recommend a building wrap may as the ultrasonic welding technology used with solid or mesh type tensioned PVC banners allows for very precise joining of the individual printed sections.

Have an upcoming project requiring shrink wrapping?