Shrink Wrap Training

By training your own shrink wrap installation team you will be able to bring this service ‘in-house’ and carry out shrink wrap installation jobs using your own labour. Because a shrink wrapped scaffolding looks very different to traditional sheeting, it can also help to differentiate your company from competitors. All Rhino shrink wrap training courses are carried out by our own shrink wrap installation engineers. We do this so we can provide your teams with the practical real world skills they need to be successful.

How do you carry out scaffold shrink wrap training?

The first type of scaffold shrink wrap training course is usually carried out on a small training structure that is erected in the scaffolders or contractors yard. This gives the scaffolders the ability to learn the skills in a controlled environment where they can learn the basic skills needed to install shrink wrap sheeting for scaffolding without worrying about making mistakes such as burning a hole in the shrink wrap sheeting.

The second type of training course is usually carried out once the scaffolder has acquired the basic skills needed to hang, weld and shrink the sheeting. This type of training is carried out on a ‘live’ project and should be carried out by the trainees with the support and backup of the trainer.

We can arrange training for groups of any size and at any location worldwide. Although we provide mostly training in scaffold wrapping, we can also provide training in boat shrink wrapping and industrial shrink wrapping.

Scaffold Wrap Training Session

1 x trainer from Rhino Shrink Wrap for a 1/2 day / 4 hour training session (up to 4 people) on a small ‘training structure’ (typically at scaffold yard or similar). Inclusive of 1 roll of 7m x 15m, 300 micron, flame retardant, scaffold wrap film, shrink wrap tape and the use of 2 x hot air tools and gas.

Advanced ‘On Site’ Scaffold Wrap Training Session

2 x trainers from Rhino Shrink Wrap for a day training session (up to 4 people) on a ‘live’ project / site. Includes 2 x rolls of 7m x 15m, 300 micron, flame retardant, scaffold wrap film, shrink wrap tape and the use of 2 x hot air tools and gas.

Training – Topics Covered

  • Theory

    Equipment (Heat gun) familiarisation – Pre start checks. Connecting and disconnecting the gun, hose and regulator. Safe use of propane gas and handling of gas cylinders. Materials familiarisation – shrink wrap, patch tape, clips etc.
    Personal safety – PPE, safe use of heat gun and fire prevention.
    Shrink wrapping scaffold structures – weather conditions, setting up the scaffold structure for best results, wrapping side elevations, wrapping temporary roofs.

  • Practical Skills

    Welding & shrinking scaffolding wrap.
    Repairing holes by patching / welding.
    In the practical session our trainer demonstrates each skill and then each trainee practices. The training structure is wrapped and then stripped. Finally, working in two teams, the operatives are assessed as they shrink wrap the training structure.

  • Follow up on site support

    After initial scaffold shrink wrap training we can work alongside your teams on your first or second job for a period of time to ensure that the shrink wrapping skills and competencies are second nature.

    We have created a series of videos and free guides for you to download here.

Training: Frequently Asked Questions


We can provide training on a temporary structure at your yard / premises or on a ‘live’ job. No classroom is required as the course is based mainly on assessment of practical skills.

How many scaffolders can you train?

We find a ratio of 4 trainees to one trainer is ideal but up to 6 is OK.

How long does scaffold wrap training last?

An initial training session on a small scaffolding structure at your site for a team of 4 will typically last 4-6 hours. ‘Live job’ training generally lasts longer and may be a full day depending on your requirements.


Do you issue a certificate?

Certification is based on a practical assessment of shrink wrapping skills by our trainer and a short multiple choice test. This practical assessment and scoring is the system we use for training our own installation teams. Once completed, we provide copies of these records and certificates so that you can provide evidence of the competencies of your team to your customers.

How much does a training session cost?

A shrink wrap training session on a simple scaffold shrink wrap structure costs £895 for any mainland UK location.

An advanced shrink wrap training on a live project costs £1295 for any mainland UK location.

Costs for training outside of mainland UK are calculated on an individual basis dependant on location.

Can you train on a live scaffolding job?

We can supply an individual trainer or a small team to work alongside your team on a ‘live’ job which means that your team receive training and the knowledge to start working independently.

Do you just offer training for scaffold shrink wrapping?

No, we have a lot of experience shrink wrapping industrial products and boats and can provide training for you in this area. For more information on boat shrink wrapping click here. For information on industrial shrink wrapping click here

I am not based in the UK, can you still provide training?

We work with customers from all over the world and regularly provide shrink wrap training outside of the UK. Let us know, where, when and how many and we will get back to you with costs immediately.


Is shrink wrapping difficult?

Welding and shrinking are the two main skills required to carry out almost any scaffold encapsulation and containment job. These skills can be taught in an hour or two. The challenge of shrink wrapping (and also the benefit) is that because it is so versatile – it can be used on the roofs / sides of any shape and any sized scaffold, every project is a little different and ‘custom’.

Therefore, it is one of those skills that develops with practice and experience to a variety of projects over time. That is why our trainers are time served members of our own installation teams so they can impart valuable real life knowledge to your teams and not just the theory.

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