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What is Shrink Wrap Sheeting For Scaffolding?

Scaffold sheeting provides temporary weather protection, environmental containment of dust and debris or sometimes is used just to screen a construction project from view. Although shrink wrap sheeting has become a popular choice with scaffolders and contractors this article explores what shrink wrap is and how it is different to ‘traditional’ scaffold sheeting.


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What Equipment Is Required To Shrink Wrap a Scaffolding?

The equipment required for scaffold wrapping represents the ‘investment’ you need to make if you want to install shrink wrap sheeting. Setting up a scaffold shrink wrapping service does not require a large investment because the main piece of equipment required is a shrink wrapping heat gun.

This article looks at some different types of heat guns used for the shrink wrap encapsulation process.


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How Do I Shrink Wrap a Scaffolding?

This article has been written for scaffolders and contractors in who are looking at how to shrink wrap scaffolding in order to provide this service to their own customers. However, it can also be used by scaffolders and contractors who are having a shrink wrap contractor provide a full ‘supply and fix’ service but would like to know more about the process.


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What Materials Are Required To Shrink Wrap a Scaffolding?

Considering buying scaffold shrink wrap materials and equipment for the first time? This article explores the essential materials and equipment you will need to get started providing shrink wrapped temporary weather protection that will not cause problems by blowing off from the scaffolding. This article explores what you should look out for and how to negotiate the best deal from your supplier.


Using Clear Shrink Wrap Film

How Many Square Metres of Shrink Wrap Can Be Installed Per Day?

We generally advise that an area of 100 square metres per man per day is a realistic rate for the installation of shrinkwrap sheeting for scaffolding encapsulation & containment. However, the area of shrink wrap that can be installed in a day may be significantly more or less than 100m2 per day. This article explores some of the factors that affect the installation rate to help you judge how long the installation process might take for your project.


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When Shouldn’t I Use Shrink Wrap Scaffold Cladding?

Why is it that when you ask most suppliers what are some disadvantages with their product or service, they seem to put on rose tinted safety glasses – Disadvantages? Our product? Never!

This article looks at some of the situations when we don’t recommend using shrink wrap scaffold cladding.


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Use a Specialist Shrink Wrap Installer or ‘In House’ Labour?

This article covers some of the things you might want to think carefully about before you invest money in shrink wrapping materials, equipment and training for your team. We then look at the typical costs of materials and how much scaffold shrink wrap installers typically charge for providing a fully installed scaffold wrapping service, so you can get a feel for the ‘business case’ of incorporating shrink wrapping into the services you offer your customers.


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What Are The Disadvantages of Shrink Wrap Scaffold Sheeting?

Lets be honest, no product can be the perfect ‘fit’ for every situation or every customer. Hopefully, after reading the article you should be able to judge what are the situations when you should / shouldn’t use shrink wrap sheeting for the temporary weather protection or environmental containment of construction projects.


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How Should I Set Up a Scaffold Structure for Shrink Wrap?

Preparation is key to carrying out the most successful shrink wrap encapsulation and containment projects. The shrink wrap contractors must be trained in the correct installation process and the scaffolding structure needs to be suitable for shrink wrapping. This guide covers some of the main areas to consider when setting up a scaffold structure which is to be shrink wrapped for weather protection or environmental containment.



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