Shrink Wrap is Drum Tight, Heat Sealed & 100% Recyclable.

Rhino Shrink Wrap supply scaffolders and contractors with scaffold shrink wrapping materials that are engineered for the toughest applications.

We also provide installation services and share knowledge through training courses and FREE resources.

Scaffold Shrink Wrap – An Introduction



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What’s the secret to successful scaffold wrapping?

The success of your shrink wrap sheeting jobs depend on the quality of the shrink wrap material you use and your installation skills. But, not all shrink wrap is manufactured the same.

Much scaffold shrink wrap available on the market today is general purpose plastic sheeting that is being sold as ‘scaffold wrap’ by sales people who have never set foot on a construction site. This makes us mad! We believe that it shouldn’t cost you any extra to get an engineered product developed specifically for the construction market and backed up by detailed installation knowledge.
Steve Irlam, Founder, Rhino Shrink Wrap

Engineered Product + Installation Knowledge = Project Success

What makes Rhino Wrap different?

Rhino Wrap is engineered tough for the construction market. Manufactured for 15+ years at our ISO 9001 accredited facilities.

Engineered for tensile strength & impact tolerance means Rhino Sheeting can withstand high wind loading.

Our shrink wrap welds strong and shrinks powerfully, which makes it easier to install, even in challenging conditions.

We also provide approved flame retardant wrap to the European standard EN-13501 for total peace of mind.

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Shrink wrap is a versatile product that solves problems related to weather protection and environmental containment.

The key benefits of shrink wrap sheeting are;


Because scaffold shrink wrap is shrunk ‘drum tight’ it creates an extremely robust cladding that does not flap or ‘self destruct’ in high winds. This means less going back to repair detached sheeting and more happy clients & repeat business.


The ‘drum tight’ finish of Rhino Shrink Wrap sheeting, creates a ‘continuously bonded skin’ over and around anything it covers which creates a very smart and professional appearance.


As joins between individual sheets of shrink wrap are heat welded to create a sealed and bonded join, shrink wrap sheeting is ideal for creating highly effective environmental containment or weather protection. Shrink wrap is particularly good at adapting to awkward shapes as it can be cut and heat welded ‘in situ’.

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